Casey’s Law

What is Casey’s Law

Casey’s Law provides a means for hopeful intervention. Many times people who have addictions are unable to recognize their need for treatment. Casey’s Law allows parents, relatives, and/or friends to petition the court for treatment on behalf of the person who is abusing alcohol and/or drugs. The treatment options available under the law can vary depending on circumstances of each individual case.

Under Casey’s Law, a person suffering from drug or alcohol abuse will be ordered to undergo involuntary treatment if the Court finds:

  • The respondent suffers from alcohol or drug abuse;
  • The respondent presents an imminent threat of danger to self, family or others as a result of alcohol or drug abuse, or there exists a substantial likelihood of such a threat of danger in the near future; and
  • The respondent can reasonably benefit from treatment.

It is important to know that it can take up to two weeks to get the respondent into treatment. LEARN MORE >>

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The Process

Find Help

You can use any professional who meets the qualifications found here. Ask if the professional will bill your loved ones insurance or if there is no available insurance- ask if there can be a sliding scale or reduced payment for the Casey’s Law evaluation.

  • Ask if a drug test will be part of the assessment process.
  • Also give the doctor and therapist a copy of the Casey’s Law paperwork that you submitted to the court prior to the appointment.

Assessment Providers


The Morton Center
1028 Barret Avenue
Louisville, KY  40204
Medical Doctor Fee:  $200
QHP Fee:  $150 (call for sliding scale)

Elizabeth Shelton-Meadows, MD
St Matthews Pastoral Counseling Center
3515 Grandview Avenue
Louisville, KY 40207

Charles Noplis
Renew Recovery
9702 Stone Street Rd, Suite 120
Louisville, KY 40272
Call for fee


Thomas Terwilliger, LCSW, LCADC
2038 Frankfort Ave
Louisville, KY 40206
$75 fee

Alan Plappert LCSW
7400 New LaGrange Rd, Suite 315
Louisville KY 40222
Sliding Scale Fee, $80 max, notary available

2303 Hurstbourne Village Dr. Suite 1100
Louisville, KY 40299
Sliding Scale Fee, $60 max

Pat McKiernan, PhD, CADC
422 Heywood Avenue
Louisville, KY. 40208
Fee $200

Henry Lucas, LCADC, MSSW, CSW
7410 La Grange Road, Suite 204
Louisville KY 40222

Ellie Brunner, LPAT, CADC
3630 Dutchmans Ln, 2nd Floor
Louisville, KY 40205
502-523-7565 cell phone
Fee: $100 max, sliding scale

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